EECS303 Assignment 1: LED lights sequencing on the Raspberry Pi solution


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1. Get familiar with the Raspberry Pi:
a) use your account, setup prefs, basic Linux commands,
b) the SD card (OS, shell, GUI and filesystem).
c) the board, the ARM processor, USB, ethernet, ports.

2. The GPIO’s
a) Use the system builtin command to control Led’s and add some proper delay for
example, 5 seconds. Alternate lights every 5secs, possibly stopping after a
b) Set GPIO’s (make them visible, configure I/O direction.)
c) Set digital output at 0 and 1.
d) Release GPIO resources when done
(if not, GPIO’s cannot be used again, you get resource error.)

3. Develop C code and Python code for a small example case of LED sequencing.
Note ARM based gcc compilers and Python packages are already installed.

4. Use the sample codes for reference, however, they do not work as provided.

5. With the help of the Lab assistant, complete the circuit on a breadboard using
given components and wires. Some additional components may be needed from the
Circuits Lab, 3rd floor.