EECS 1510 Project 3: If Statements solution


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Program 1: (20 points)
Write a Java program that reads in a character, presumably a letter, and prints the
uppercase equivalent of the letter. If the character is not a letter, the program simply prints a
message indicating this. One sample program run must look as follows:
Enter a letter: h
The uppercase equivalent of h is
The other sample program run must be as follows:
Enter a letter: $
Not a letter.
Note that the user input is in bold. Name this program as
Program 2: (40 points)
Write a simple program to determine if a point lies within a circle of radius 10.0
centered at the origin. (See Exercise 3.22 on page 112 of the textbook.) For the 2 sample
runs, give exactly the same input-output dialog below.
Enter a point with two coordinates: 4 5
Point (4, 5) is in the circle.
Enter a point with two coordinates: 9 9
Point (9, 9) is not in the circle.
10 points extra credit: Use JOptionPane for the input/output.
Program 3: (30 points) . Consider the following dialog:
Welcome to People’s Bank.
Please enter your secret code: 45
Sorry, that is not it. Try again: 47
Sorry, last chance. Try again: 51
Fine, go ahead.
Here the user gets three (and only three) tries to guess the secret code (here 51). Write a
program to give exactly this behavior. Do NOT use loops. For the printout of the 2 sample
runs, give one for a correct secret code on the third try (as above), and one for an incorrect
code an all three tries.
Program 4: (40 points)
When you fill out one’s income tax, you take your income, subtract certain amounts (personal
exemption, a standard deduction, gifts to charity, etc), and compute your net taxable income. Given
your net income, your tax is computed using the following table (for 2014):
Tax Rate Single Filers
10% Not over $9,275
15% $9,276 – $37,650
25% $37,651– $91,150
28% $91,151 – $190,150
33% $190,151 – $413,350
35% $413,351 – $415,050
39.6 Over $415,050
For example, if your net income is $22,000, your tax is
10% of 9,275 + 15% of (22,000  9,275)
which computes to $2,836.25
Write a program that reads in a person’s net taxable income, and prints the amount of tax
using the above table. You need only include inomes below $190,000. A sample program run
is as follows:
Enter your net taxable income: 22000
Your 2014 tax is $2,836.25
The user input above is in bold. Name this program as For the output of the
money amount, you need not put the comma in 2,836.25, just print 2836.25.
Option: You can use
DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat(“$###,###.##”);
to print the resulting tax in a reasonable notation for money amounts.
Hint: See Listing 3.5 in the text by Liang.