ECE3400 (Assignment 5) ND Vectors solution


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Suppose you want to represent an n-dimensional Vector in C++ and include some common vector
operations as part of a Vector class (note the uppercase V instead of lowercase v).

An N-dimensional Vector can be represented as a sequence of N different coordinates, which we
assume to be of type float.

So for example, a 2-dimensional vector can be represented as a sequence of 2 coordinates, e.g., the
point with x-coordinate 3.4 and y-coordinate 2.7 would be (3.4f, 2.7f), while a 3-dimensional vector
can be represented as a sequence of 3 coordinates, e.g., (-3.8f, 9.3f, -4.9f).

We will assume that the N-dimensional vector should be a template class taking the dimension N of the
vector (not the type) as a positive integer template parameter

See the provided header file (Vector.h) to see which methods should be implemented in your Vector.cpp

You should also create a 3-dimensional Vector class called Vector3 derived from the base class
Vector<3> having an additional public member function cross which is to be used to calculate the
cross product of two 3D vectors.

The function will have the following prototype:
Vector3 Vector3::cross(Vector3 v);