ECE 322 Assignment #2 solution




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1.Find on the Internet an application next_date (having the same functionality as the onediscussed in class). Complete its testing for the input dates of October 4, 1582andSeptember 2, 1752. Comment on the obtained results. Include also a link totheapplication you have tested. Value 10 points
2.Suggest a collection of test cases to test a procedure finding a maximumof five integer
maxofFiveNumbers(int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4, int n5)Integer numbers are represented using a 128 bit representation. Consider (i) exhaustivetesting and (ii) error guessing. Value 15 points
3.(i) Suppose that an application has n inputs (variables) and each variable partitions itsinput space in m equivalence classes. Determine the number of equivalence classes. Howmany tests do you require? Could you make the number of tests lower? Do detailedcalculations for n =20 and m =10. (ii) Some procedure P has three inputs
Sensor 1
Sensor 2
s This procedure is invoked under the following input readings:
Sensor 1: (10, 25) or [15, 50]. The sensor generates positive readings with values in
[0, range1], range1>50. Sensor 2: [-1,1] or [4, 5]. The sensor generates both positive and negative readings fromsome range [-range2, range2], range2 >5. Control variable s: {1, 2}. The control variable assumes positive integer values {1, 2,… smax}
Identify equivalence classes in this problem. Consider weak normal equivalence testingand strong normal equivalence testing. List test cases.
2of 2Value 15 points
4. Consider a two-dimensional input domain described as
W = [0, 10] ´ [0, 20]
(viz. there are two input variables assuming values in the corresponding intervals). Inthisdomain, there are four equivalence classes given as
W1= {(x, y) | x
2 £ e
W2= {(x, y) | (x-1)
2+ (y-2)
2 £ e
W3= {(x, y) | (x-0.5)
2+ (y-2.5)
2 £ e
W4 = W-W1-W2-W3
where e is a certain positive number. What should be the maximal value of e so that theseequivalence classes form a partition?