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1 Overview Write a program that takes input[s] which is[are] either int, string or double from user, converts them to bit sequences using 64-bit memory cost model and performs bitwise operation; or(|), and(&), xor(ˆ), complement( v ), right shift operator (>>) and left shift operator (<<). To facilitate the execution of this program, you will write (at minimum) the following methods; 1. public String or(String, String) 2. public String and(String, String) 3. public String xor(String, String) 4. public String complement(String) 5. public String rs(String, int) 6. public String ls(String, int) For each data types, you implement bitwise operators like below; for int − > 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for string − > 1, 2, 3 for double − > 1, 2, 3 1 2 Screenshots You need to also implement menu to perform above operations. Figure 1: Integer – or Figure 2: Integer – And Figure 3: Integer – Complement Figure 4: Integer – Right Shift 2 Figure 5: Integer – Left Shift Figure 6: String – or Figure 7: String – And Figure 8: Double – or 3 Figure 9: Double – And 3 Notes 1. You must develop your homework according to the object-oriented paradigm and use arrays. 2. You need to submit java code and javadoc files. You can check reference [1] to understand how to write javadoc comments. You must clearly write a comment for each methods and classes. 3. You can ask questions about the homework via Microsoft Teams group. 4. Late submission will not be accepted! 5. You must obey the submission format. If you send your homework in different format, you will not get credit. 6. You are going to submit your report to Microsoft Teams: The submission format is given below: .zip −javadoc/ −−Related javadoc documents −HW2 .java 4 Policy All work on assignments must be done with your own unless stated otherwise. You are encouraged to discuss with your classmates about the given assignments, but these discussions should be carried out in an abstract way. That is, discussions related to a particular solution to a specific problem (either in actual code or in the pseudocode) will not be tolerated. In short, turning in someone elses work(from internet), in whole or in part, as your own will be considered as a violation of academic integrity. Please note that the former condition also holds for the material found on the web as everything on the web has been written by someone else. 5 Reference 1. 4