CSE 334 Exercise 1 Simple Text Calculator solution


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Write a program that reads the string starting from $1200 and computes the
results accordingly.
For instance if starting from $1200 the memory has the string “28.33 + 17.28
=” then the program will compute the result and write it to address $1500.
Strings always end with ‘=’. Put the string at $1200 using ORG and FCC
Store the integer and decimal parts in different memory locations and
perform arithmetic operation accordingly.
The arithmetic operation can be either ‘+’ or ‘-‘.
The integer part can’t be larger than 255, whereas the decimal part can’t
have more than two digits, i.e. 0.XY. Warn if overflow occurs by writing $FF
to PORTB. Otherwise PORTB will be written $55.
Numbers will always be positive and in decimal format.
Bonus (20pts): Write the program so that the integer part can be at most
1. No cheating, no help, no Internet.
2. Programs should execute and could be simulated, otherwise 0.
3. Follow the rules explained by the TA.
4. No late submissions. (submit to Moodle)
5. Submit all your project as zip file.