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Draw a class diagram and write necessary codes to implement appropriate design pattern so that your code fulfill all the requirements for the following scenarios.
Scenario 1 Consider a vending machine which dispenses soft drinks when a coin is inserted. However, this service depends on some factors such as inventory of the machine, amount of currency deposited, the ability to make change, the item selected, etc. When currency is deposited and a selection is made, a vending machine will either deliver a product and no change, deliver a product and change, deliver no product due to insufficient currency on deposit, or deliver no product due to inventory depletion.
Scenario 2
Suppose you are going to develop a software for facilitating transfer of information among the students of your class. Any student of your class can subscribe or unsubscribe from the service of the software. Whenever the class representative gets to know some information regarding any academic issue, s/he inputs the information to the software as a text segment and then this message is emailed to all subscribed students.
Notes: 1. You have to use version controlling. 2. Copying will incur a 100% penalty of total marks.