CSE 2010 HW3 solution


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Many entities, such as Olympic events, can be organized in a hierarchy. How would you design a system that stores the
hierarchy and allow queries on the hierarchy?

The goal of HW3 is to build a tree from Winter Olympic events and answer queries on the tree. The Winter Olympics
have multiple sports, each sport has multiple events, and each event has three winners (usually). In the tree, the sports and
events are ordered alphabetically/lexicographically and the winners are ordered in gold-silver-bronze order.

For simplicity,
assume each event has only 3 winners. Your submission includes a Tree class that has a linked structure of tree nodes and
supports (at least) the following operations:
• insertChild(parentNode, childNode) // to maintain alphabetical/lexicographical order
• appendChild(parentNode, childNode) // to maintain order of addition
• getChildren(node)
• getParent(node)

For each node, you may not assume it has a fixed or maximum number of children. Sample input and output are on the
course website.

We will evaluate your submissions on code01.fit.edu so we strongly recommend you to test your programs on code01.fit.edu.
To preserve invisible characters, we strongly recommend you to download, NOT copy and paste, input data files.

Input: Input is from the command-line arguments for hw3.c in this order:
1. filename of the data—each line has an entity followed by its childern: the first line has the Olympics year followed by
its sports, each sport is followed by its events, each event is followed by its winners in gold-silver-bronze order. Each
winner has the athlete and country separated by a colon.

2. filename of queries, each line has one of the following queries:
• GetEventsBySport sport
• GetWinnersAndCountriesBySportAndEvent sport event
• GetGoldMedalistAndCountryBySportAndEvent sport event
• GetAthleteWithMostMedals
• GetAthleteWithMostGoldMedals
• GetCountryWithMostMedals
• GetCountryWithMostGoldMedals
• GetSportAndEventByAthlete athlete

You may assume each query is valid (sport and event exist in the data). If ties exist for most (gold) medals, output ties in
alphabetical order.

Output: Output goes to the standard output (screen), each line has an answer with the corresponding query:
• GetEventsBySport sport event1 event2 …
• GetWinnersAndCountriesBySportAndEvent sport event athleteG: countryG athleteS: countryS athleteB: countryB
• GetGoldMedalistAndCountryBySportAndEvent sport event athlete: country
• GetAthleteWithMostMedals numberOfMedals athlete [athlete2 … in alphabetical order if ties exist]
• GetAthleteWithMostGoldMedals numberOfGoldMedals athlete [athlete2 … in alphabetical order if ties exist]

• GetCountryWithMostMedals numberOfMedals country [country2 … in alphabetical order if ties exist]
• GetCountryWithMostGoldMedals numberOfGoldMedals country [country2 … in alphabetical order if ties exist]
• GetSportAndEventByAthlete athlete sport1: event1 … in alphabetical order [none]

Submission: Submit hw3.c that has the main method and other program files. Submissions for Indvidual and GroupHelp
have the same guidelines as HW1.
Note the late penalty on the syllabus if you submit after the due date and time as specified at the top of the assignment.