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Topics • Compiling and running a Java program • Using System.out.println () and System.out.print() methods • Recognizing syntax and logic errors • Casting a floating value to an integer
Important Note: All submitted assignments must begin with the descriptive comment block similar to the one shown in the Part 1. It must contain your name and the other information illustrated. To avoid losing trivial points, make sure this comment header is included in every assignment you submit, and that it is updated accordingly from assignment to assignment Your programming assignments require individual work and effort to be of any benefit. Every student must work independently on his or her assignments. This means that every student must ensure that neither a soft copy nor a hard copy of their work gets into the hands of another student. Sharing your assignments with others in any way is NOT permitted. Violations of the University Academic Integrity policy will not be ignored. The university academic integrity policy is found at http://www.asu.edu/studentlife/judicial/integrity.html
Part 1: Program#1 Compile and Run: (5 pts) Type the following code into a file called TotalAndAverage.java. DO NOT submit this file. After the program is entered, compile and run the application to make sure it works. Once you see it working correctly, answer questions a)-e) below. (The comment block shown here is a good example to base yours off of for Part 2, Program #2, namely Assignment1.java). //*********************************************************** // Name: Your name here // Title: TotalAndAverage.java // Description: Calculate the total and average scores. // Date: mm/dd/yyyy //***********************************************************

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