CSE 101 Programming Assignment 1 My Life Goals solution




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Overview: You will write two programs for this assignment. One will display your short-term,
medium-term, and long-term goals to the standard output. The other will determine the
grade for a student in a course. Do not forget your program headers with Author and Date
 My Life Goals
Requirements: Write a program that prints your name, your short-term, medium-term,
and long-term goals.
Design: Your program should consist of Java instructions to display the following
Describe your life goals (if you have never thought about them, this is a good chance
to think about them carefully). The actual output for each line must be at least 100
characters. But remember that the lines of code can NOT exceed 80 characters.
Code and Test: The expected output for the program will vary from student to student,
but it is important to follow the output pattern described above, formatting
requirements, and minimum character requirements. If you aren’t sure how many
characters are in your output, you can copy your output into Microsoft Word or a Google
doc and use the Word Count feature under the Review ribbon.
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CSE 101|Fall 2020 2
 CourseGrade
Requirements: Write a program that gets information about a grading for a course in a
school or university, then gets the information about a student. It will then display the
final grade for the student. The following guidelines should be followed:
 Grading percentage
o Value must be a whole number 0 or greater
 If the teacher tries to enter a negative number, the system should
set it to the positive value
o Total must sum to 100
 If the teacher enters values that do not sum to 100, the system
should display an error message and exit
 Student points
o Value will be a decimal number greater than or equal to 0 and less than or
equal to 100 representing percentage of that category achieved.
 For this assignment, you will not be required to confirm the value
entered is valid
o Once all values are entered, the system should calculate the total score
and grade letter and if the student passed according to the following chart
Points GPA Points Grade Letter Result
88-100 4.0 AA Passed
81-87 3.5 BA Passed
74-80 3.0 BB Passed
67-73 2.5 CB Passed
60-66 2.0 CC Passed
53-59 1.5 DC Conditionally Passed
46-52 1.0 DD Conditionally Passed
35-45 0.5 FD Failed
0-34 0.0 FF Failed
Design: Your program should consist of Java instructions to display the following
information (NOTE: Use your own name as the student’s name):
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CSE 101|Fall 2020 3
Your program should change to positive if the teacher used negative values:
Your program should check to make sure the user percentage values that sum to 100:
Code and Test: Create variables to store the values entered by the teacher and assign it
using a Scanner object.
MS Teams Submission: You can submit multiple times, however, we will only grade the last
version that you submitted.