CSE 101: Introduction to Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Lab Assignment #11 solution


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Assignment Objectives This lab will give you some hands-on practice implementing basic data compression in Python. Getting Started Visit Piazza and download the “bare bones” file lab11.py onto your computer. Open lab11.py in PyCharm and fill in the following information at the top: 1. your first and last name as they appear in Blackboard 2. your Net ID (e.g., jsmith) 3. your Stony Brook ID # (e.g., 111999999) 4. the course number (CSE 101) 5. the assignment name and number (Lab #11) Submit your final lab11.py file to Blackboard by the due date and time. Late work will not be graded. Code that crashes and cannot be graded will earn no credit. Download Instructions Download lab11.zip from Piazza. In the zip archive, you will find all the normal files as usual (template, driver). You will also find an extra folder called test files. It is important you keep the folder as it is, and place the folder in the same directory with lab11.py and lab11 driver.py. Part I: String Compressor (20 points) In this problem, you will be implementing a basic data compression algorithm. Write a function compress line(), which takes one argument, line, a string that you will need to compress it. The algorithm works like this: take a string and start reading from the beginning, compress identical consecutive characters in the form of count of that character directly followed by that character. In the end, the original string will be shortened (hopefully!), and the function should return that shortened result. For example, the string ’AAABBBCCC’ will be shortened to ’3A3B3C’; the string ’AAC!!?????’ will be CSE 101 – Spring 2018 Lab #11 Page 1 shortened to 2A1C2!5?; and the string ’ @@@@B ’ will be shortened to ’3 4@1B2 ’. Notice thata space is also considered a character. Note: You may assume that only valid strings will be given as an input for the function. Also, it is very important that you do a .strip(’\r\n’) on every string. This is because the invisible newline/return characters may cause issues when you do Part II of this assignment. Examples: Function Call Return Value compress line(’ PPPPPPPPggggggggggffff+++n M\r\n’) 2 8P10g4f3+1n5 1M compress line(’ PwwwwwwRRRRRR\r’) 3 1P6w6R compress line(’ hhhhhhhhhhcccccccFFFFFFFFFvvvvdddd ttttttttt\r\n’) 3 10h7c9F4v4d8 9t compress line(’ mmmmmmmm ???? ———- Uwwww <<<>>>>>>\n’) 3 7W6 6d1 3!3 6.6V6 6w7> compress line(’ zz\{oo\n’) 1 2z1\{2o Part II: File Compressor (20 points) Write a function compress file(), that takes one argument, filename, which is the name of the file you need to compress. In this part, you should read the file line by line, compress each line as described in Part I, and append each compressed line into a list. In the end, you should return the result list that consists of all the compressed lines, in the correct order. You should call the function you wrote in Part I to compress each individual line for you. CSE 101 – Spring 2018 Lab #11 Page 2 Examples: Due to very long outputs, please consult the lab driver for examples. Note: If you use MacOS, you may find the format getting messed up when you open one of the test files. Try to open the .txt files in Pycharm itself or some kind of text editor like Atom, and it should look correct. How to Submit Your Work for Grading To submit your .py file for grading: 1. Login to Blackboard and locate the course account for CSE 101. 2. Click on “Assignments” in the left-hand menu and find the link for this assignment. 3. Click on the link for this assignment. 4. Click the “Browse My Computer” button and locate the .py file you wish to submit. Submit only that one .py file. 5. Click the “Submit” button to submit your work for grading. Oops, I messed up and I need to resubmit a file! No worries! Just follow the above directions again. We will grade only your last submission. CSE 101 – Spring 2018 Lab #11 Page 3