CSCI605 Week 13 Assignment 1 solution


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Your assignment has several steps.

  1. Use the postgresql driver to connect to the database located at

The username and password are csci605 and sometables respectively.

You will need to download the postgresql driver which can be found here, This will require you to use an external jar as a part of your project.

Once connected you should send the SQL command below and use the result.

SELECT to_parse FROM sites;


You should refer to documentation and online examples to understand how to initiate a connection and how to execute the query and receive the result.


  1. Based on the result from the database query, you will parse the resulting URL and find the hidden html found in the source code of that html.


  1. You will then need to take the hidden html and download the contents into a file on your computer.


  1. Then you will need to compile the contents using javac and run the code displaying the output of your newly compiled file, this must be done programmatically.


Your implementation must perform all of these steps, that is to say you will not manually compile and/or run the downloaded file.


Correctness: You can lose up to 20% if your solution is not correct
Quality: You can lose up to 20% if your solution is poorly designed
Testing: You can lose up to 20% if your solution is not well tested
Explanation: You can lose up to 40% if you cannot explain your solution during the grading session