CSCI240 Program 0 Training C++ compiler solution




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The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to use a C++ compiler and write a short C++ program.

There are a lot of different C++ compilers available to write and run C++ program. The compilers that we recommend for this course are:

  • Windows PC: Dev C++
  • Mac: XCode

Familiarize yourself with one of the two compilers by completing the steps listed in one of the following documents:

Note: if you’re familiar with another C++ compiler, it may also be used to complete the assignment. Just make sure to use the sample program and other code from one of the two documents (some of it is found in later steps) and use it with the other compiler.

Once all of the steps have been completed, submit the source code file that was created (the one with the CPP extension) on Blackboard.