CSCI 630 Foundations of Intelligent Systems Assignment 1 solution


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1. Course text Question 3.7, parts a and b
2. Course text Question 3.11
3. Course text Question 3.15
4. Assume that the Romania map in the text and discussed in lecture is
changed, so that all roads are 1 mile long. Write a Python program that
finds optimal paths between a given pair of cities using Iterative Deepening Search (IDS). Your IDS will need to be a graph search. Because there
are cycles in the map, revisiting cities can lead to an infinite loop.
The file A1 init available through MyCourses contains a program The program reads a graph from a text file (for
this assignment, use the provided file romania), and the names for the
initial and goal city names. Your program will output the following:
(a) During the execution of iterative deepening, print the search tree
each time all of the search tree nodes at the depth limit for the
current iteration of IDS have been visited.
(b) At the end of the search:
i. If a solution exists, return the list of cities in the solution,
beginning with the initial city and ending with the goal city.
ii. Otherwise, return a list with the string ‘FAIL.’
You need to modify the file, and provide a text file
tests.txt, that shows the execution of your program for 3 pairs of cities:
• Arad to Bucharest,
• two additional city pairs of your choosing (interesting cases).
A bash shell script test has been provided, which you can modify to
automate the execution of your test cases (see the README for details).
Submit, tests.txt and the romania map file in a single .zip file