CSCI 465 Assignment 4 – COBOL Introduction solution




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This program will give you a chance to write a complete COBOL program that creates a single report based
on information contained in an input file with an unknown number of records.
Name your program . Ignoring the first record in the file, read each of the record in the following
data set producing a single detail line on your report for each:
Be sure to display all input fields with the Deposit Amount in full numeric-edited format with a floating
dollar sign, commas where appropriate, decimal point and two decimal digits.
Double space between detail lines and use just the first 90 of the 132 bytes available across a single detail
line. Be sure to fill the in-between columns with spaces and, of course, the last 42 bytes of the detail line
with spaces.
Do NOT print page headers or column headers, do NOT call the CURRENT-DATE Intrinsic Function, and
do NOT count pages or lines.
As you process each record, accumulate the Deposit Amount so that, after the loop is done and you have
read and processed each of the unknown number of records in the input file, you can display a single line,
double-spaced after the last detail line, showing the total of all of the Deposit Amounts. Make sure this
total amount is displayed in full numeric-edited format with floating dollar sign, commas where appropriate,
decimal point and two decimal digits. Make sure that the total line described in the previous paragraph has
nothing else on it but the total amount and that the total amount’s decimal point and two decimal places
line up with the Deposit Amount field in the detail lines above.
Use the CSCI 465 Assigns 4, 5 & 6 Variable Names Fa21 document to name your fields in storage.
The format of the input records are provided below. Name this file with and
name and name the output file with and name .
The First Record in the File: Ignore this record. (It will be used in Assignment 5.)
The Remaining Records in the File:
Branch Name: 25 bytes character
Broker’s Name: 25 bytes character
Deposit Amount: 11 bytes zoned decimal with two decimal places (max. $999,999,999.99)
Unused: 3 bytes
Commission Percent Flag: 1 byte zoned decimal (value of either 1, 2 or 3)
Unused: 15 bytes
Fully document your JCL and your COBOL program as described in the CSCI 465 Coding and
Documentation Guidelines. Submit the .txt file of your full output on Blackboard as before.