CSCI 465 Assignment 1 – Copy and Execute JCL solution




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First, after signing on to Marist as shown to you in class, allocate your assignments PDSE that you will use all semester.  Please name this data set exactly as follows:

KC03nnn.CSCI465.ASSIGNS                          *Graduate students also use CSCI465, please.

In the name, KC03nnn is your Marist KC-ID as assigned to you in the spreadsheet named 465 Marist KC-IDs Fa21.pdf under Marist KC-IDs in Course Documents on Blackboard.  By naming your data sets as instructed here enables the TA and instructor to review your progress and, when necessary, to quickly and efficiently copy PDSE members in order to assist you in debugging and/or correcting mistakes in assignments.

Allocate your ASSIGNS PDSE with space units of TRKS (tracks), a primary quantity of 20, a secondary quantity of 20, 10 directory blocks, record format of FB (fixed blocked), a record length of 80 (bytes), and a block size of 800, and, near the bottom of the screen, a data set name type of LIBRARY.

YOU are responsible for backing up this very important data set on a regular basis, i.e., frequently. 

After allocated, type or copy and paste the program below into the IDz editor.  Save the member as ASSIGN1.  Submit the job and review your output in IDz.  Please note that EACH assignment you write this semester, name the PDSE member for that assignment appropriately, such as ASSIGN1, ASSIGN2, ASSIGN3, ASSIGN5A, ASSIGN5B, etc.

You do NOT need to type all of the documentation shown below into your member but you must include the first five lines beginning with CSCI 465 and ending with DATE DUE plus the closing line of asterisks.  Be sure to change the nnnn in the first line of the JCL to reflect your KC-ID, change your first initial and last name in the first line of the JCL to your first initial and your last name and, in the job documentation box, change your full name to your own full name and update the due date.

Type or Copy and Paste the Following in the IDz Editor

//KC03nnnA JOB ,’your first initial and last name‘,MSGCLASS=H

//*                                                               *

//*  CSCI 465               ASSIGNMENT 1               FALL 2021  *

//*                                                               *

//*  DEVELOPER NAME: your full name                               *

//*  DATE DUE: 08/27/2021                                         *

//*                                                               *

//*  PURPOSE: The purpose of this job is to allocated a new PDSE, *

//*  or partitioned data set extended, that holds load modules.   *
//*  There are two job steps, both running IEFBR14.  The          *
//*  first will delete any possible previous version of the       *
//*  PDSE named KC03nnn.CSCI465.LOADLIB.  The second creates      *
//*  a new PDSE of the same name.  IEFBR14 is one of the          *
//*  most used of all the IBM utilities available.                *
//*  IEFBR14’s source module consists only of a CSECT with only   *
//*  standard entry and exit linkage.  It accomplishes            *
//*  really nothing as a stand-alone program BUT, as we           *
//*  will soon find out, it has MANY uses for allocating          *
//*  (creating), cataloging, deleting, and un-cataloging          *
//*  data sets.  In this two-step job, you are simply             *
//*  executing IEFBR14 twice.  The first step deletes any         *
//*  previously-created PDSE that might exist from a prior        *
//*  successful run of the job and the second allocates, or       *
//*  creates a new one.  This PDSE is the second of the           *
//*  three PDSEs that we will need this semester.                 *
//*                                                               *
//*  The following DD card deletes an existing PDSE if it already
//*  exists.  If it does not exist, the data set is first allocated
//*  and then immediately deleted.
//DD1      DD DSN=KC03nnn.CSCI465.LOADLIB,
//            SPACE=(TRK,(1,1,1)),
//            DISP=(MOD,DELETE,DELETE)
//*  The following DD card allocates a PDSE to hold your
//*  program load module files.
//DD1      DD DSN=KC03nnn.CSCI465.LOADLIB,
//            DCB=(RECFM=U,LRECL=0,BLKSIZE=4096),
//            DSNTYPE=LIBRARY,
//            SPACE=(CYL,(9,5,6)),
//            DISP=(NEW,KEEP,DELETE)


Note:  In each assignment – beginning with Assignment 2 – it is very important to follow the JCL documentation standards as described in Coding and Documentation Standards found in Blackboard’s Course Documents.  Always use the documentation box (“doc box”) shown above and, of course, change it as necessary to reflect the current assignment.


Once again, it is YOUR responsibility to be sure that you regularly copy (back up) all of your PDSEs throughout the semester.  The loss of a PDSE due to programmer error is NOT an excuse for being granted an extension on an assignment or project!


Note that, upon completing this assignment successfully, you will have allocated two PDSE data sets.  One will hold your assignments and the other will hold the executable load modules of your programs.  (We will talk a LOT more about what these terms mean later.)  You will also have allocated one of the two PDSEs using TSO/ISPF and the second using batch JCL to run a utility named IEFBR14 that allocated it.  TWO DIFFERENT METHODS!





How to Submit Your Assignment


Use Retrieve Jobs.exe or, if you run on a non-Windows machine, Retrieve Jobs.jar to download and format your Marist output.  Be sure that you open the output .txt file on your laptop or PC to be sure it is all there, from top to bottom, before submitting it on Blackboard.


Once again, be sure to open the .txt file and inspect it from top to bottom EACH time you download and run it through Format.exe or Format.class.  Be sure that all of your output is there!  This is critical because, if you turn in a file with any missing output, you will earn a 0.