CSci 4230 Lab Assignment 3 solution


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You are provided a direct mapped cache implemented in systemverilog from the companion
website for the textbook ( and
need to solve the problems described below. Several useful tutorials for systemverilog can be
found at
Problem 1 (70 points):
Modify the given direct mapped cache and make it N-way set associative, where N can take
values from 1 to 8. The top level module (dm_cache_fsm) should have an input parameter N
which can be passed to it from the testbench. The replacement policy for the set-associative
cache can be LRU (least recently used).
Problem 2 (30 points):
Modify the set-associative cache model you implemented to use the MRU cache replacement
policy instead of the LRU cache replacement policy. The top level module should have an input
parameter ‘P’ which can be used to select the active replacement policy. When P is 0 LRU
should be active and when P is 1 then MRU should be active.
Handout :
You are provided a testbench (from the companion website), a direct-mapped cache
implemented in systemverilog and this handout.
Handin :
Please turn in all the systemverilog files corresponding to your completed cache model in a
tar.gz folder similar to the other lab assignments. It will be tested on a set of test-cases which
are not provided to you. Your score will depend on the fraction of test-cases passed by the
implemented cache model. Partial credit will be assigned if your code is well commented and
documented but does not work.
Tools :
Please download Xilinx Vivado Webpack on your laptops
( or use
EDAPlayground ( to run your implemented code.
Both these tools are available free of cost.