CSCI 230 PROGRAM 1 solution


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The due date is specified in the OAKS assignment.
• To download and install the Java SDK and Eclipse.
• To practice compiling and running Java programs.
• To use 1D arrays in Java.
• Practice with Java console I/O.
• Practice with Javadoc.
Write a program to read a string from the console and output the string in reverse. The output string should have all letters in
lower case, leaving any other character unchanged.
Application: Call the class with the main method, Put it into a package called stringPackage. You may
create and use additional classes, however the expectation for this assignment is one class file.
The program must accept user input from the keyboard. The input must be stored in a 1D array of characters. A second 1D
array must be used to store the reversal of the characters entered. The reversed characters must be written back to the console.
Reading characters using a Scanner object is not possible, so use a String to get the input from the keyboard. Then copy the
characters from the String into the char[]. Create the reversed char array next. Then figure out how to output the reversed
character array.
The look and feel of the I/O is up to you, the developer. Keep it simple for this assignment.
Exception handling is not required unless you must catch or throw a checked exception.
Abstract Data Type: One-dimensional arrays must be used, not ArrayList or other containers at this time. A String needs to be
used to simplify Java I/O.
GUI: No GUI. Use the console for I/O.
Updates and clarifications to this assignment, if needed, will be done on OAKS.
Refer to the class web site for a specification of internal documentation standard.
Create a ZIP file of ONLY the .java files (no .class files)
Use this naming convention:
Submit your source files via OAKS in the dropbox that corresponds to the assignment. Resubmit as many times as you like.
The newest submission will be the graded submission.