CSCE 314 Assignment 4 solution


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Aggie Honor Code: “On my honor, as an Aggie, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on
any portion of the academic work included in this assignment.”
Note 1: This homework set is individual homework, not a team-based effort. Discussion of the concept is
encouraged, but actual write-up of the solutions must be done individually.
Note 2: Submit electronically exactly one zipped file, namely,
Note 3: The total points is 60 points. Here, 40 points is for designing GUI. You can get 10 points for
fulfilling requirement 1. Also, another 10 points is for fulfilling requirement 2.
You will develop a Graphical User Interface of your choice for this assignment. I have uploaded the book
chapter 14 and 15 inside assignment folder. It has lots of demos and explanation on building a GUI using
JavaFX. You are allowed to use those codes/other people’s codes, but you have to mention reference. In
the exercise page, you will find the ideas for creating a GUI. If you don’t have any of your ideas, in that
case, pick a problem from exercise and implement that. The aim of this assignment is to make yourself
familiar with application development with JAVA. Moreover, you will learn how to work with abstract
classes, abstract methods, interfaces, etc. There are two requirements to receive full credit for this
1) You have to make sure your application runs on web browser/desktop PC/laptop/hand-held devices.
2) You need to handle an event in your application ( Find out about EventHandler Class )
N.B.: You will provide a demo of your application on Friday class (30th June). There’s a chance that your
application might not run properly from our end. Therefore, it would be great if we can have a demo
from your machine and grade it also at that time in Friday class.