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You are to write a program that processes grade data using structures. Use scanf to input data and printf to output the
results. You may also use C++ style I/O if you prefer.

You are to work individually. •
• Include your name in the code comments. Failure to include your name may lead to a grade of zero. • Name your file +ZN.cSS. Failure to name the file correctly may lead to a grade of zero. • Submit your program to the &DQYDV page for the +RPHZRUN. • The input data will be a data file that you redirect into your program. The data file can be found at ~dmk0080/
public/1040/KZN/RQH/versionA/grades on the CSE server. • The assignment must be submitted by the GXHGDWHOLVWHGLQ&DQYDV.

There are files to get you started on this assignment located in ~dmk0080/public/1040/KZN/RQH/versionA/
grades – the data file
student.h – structure to hold the student information
bubble.h – bubble sort function prototype
bubble.cSS – bubble sort that sorts an array of student pointers
KZNFSS- a main program to get you started

Your program is to use two data structures to read in student grade data, perform some calculations, sort the students in
ascending order by average, determine some class statistics, and output the results.

The first data structure is classStats
and should have variables mean (float), min (float), max (float), median (float), and name (character pointer). You will
need to create this structure yourself, placing it above main() in lab8assignmentA.c and create one variable of type
classStats (not a pointer) in your main program.

The second data structure is called student and will have variables first (character pointer), last (character
pointer), exam1 (integer), exam2 (integer), exam3 (integer), and mean (float). This structure is in the file student.h.
Take a moment to study this structure to understand it before using it.

You will need to create an array of 19 student
pointers and will need to allocate space for each in your main program using malloc().
The data file contains the name of the course followed by 19 students, each student having three exam grades. Use the
array of student pointers to store the information as read in using scanf. An example data file is below:
Erica Sanders 75 89 67
Kelley Cummings 74 70 79
Jamie Reynolds 64 52 66
Shawna Huff 80 88 61
Muriel Holmes 81 74 79
Marion Harmon 77 64 69
Catherine Moss 51 80 73
Kristin Fernandez 86 69 81
Elsa Alvarado 63 77 67
Cora Spencer 76 79 71
Valerie Olson 85 78 79
Anne Singleton 85 87 65
Rene Boone 85 85 77
James Morgan 69 86 51
Cedric Haynes 72 73 88
Elijah Snyder 65 92 91
Roger Howard 79 95 71
Archie Black 70 81 63
Melvin Watkins 66 67 72

Use the three grades to determine the student’s mean and store it with the name and exam grades in the student
structure. Assumed each exam is weighted the same. Once all the students are read in and the averages determined, sort
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the students using the bubble sort code in bubble.c, which takes an array of student pointers and the array size as

Take a moment to study bubble.c to understand how it works before using it. After sorting the students based
on mean, find the mean, minimum, maximum, and median of the grades and store them in the classStats structure.

Use printf to output the data. Your output should appear as below (include the line of digits), which displays the class
statistics and the student averages. Do not worry about rounding. If some students are out of order because they have the
same mean, do not worry about it as long as you used the bubble sort.

CSCE1040 MEAN: 74.91 MIN: 60.66 MAX: 82.66 MEDIAN: 76.33
Jamie Reynolds 60.66
Catherine Moss 68.00
Melvin Watkins 68.33
James Morgan 68.66
Elsa Alvarado 69.00
Marion Harmon 70.00
Archie Black 71.33
Kelley Cummings 74.33
Cora Spencer 75.33
Shawna Huff 76.33
Erica Sanders 77.00
Cedric Haynes 77.66
Muriel Holmes 78.00
Kristin Fernandez 78.66
Anne Singleton 79.00
Valerie Olson 80.66
Roger Howard 81.66
Rene Boone 82.33
Elijah Snyder 82.66

Hint 1: Break the programming into smaller phases. Read in the data and output it to make sure it works. Then add code to
calculate the student averages. Next, add code to sort the students using the bubble sort. After that, add code to determine
the class statistics. Finally, output the results.

Hint 2: To compile your code, you can use g *.cSS to compile all .c files in your directory at one time.
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