CSC461 PA #2  solution


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Write Java, Python and Ada programs for the following two problems.
a) Determine the following information about each value in a list of positive integers. a. Is the value a multiple of 7, 11, or 13? b. Is the sum of the digits odds or even? c. What is the positive square root of the value? d. Is the value a prime number?
You should have at least four function subprograms; label all output. Your input test data is as follows:
3, 104, 3773, 13, 121, 77, 30751, 1233222, 348373443, 8768
b) Write a function that will merge the contents of two sorted (ascending order) arrays of the type FLOAT values, use an efficient bubble sort to sort two arrays first, and then use the merge function. (Your program should not sort whole array after append one array to another array.) The function should not assume that both its input parameter arrays are the same length but can assume that one array does not contain two copies of the same value. The result array should also contain no duplicate values.
Each program should be well documented. The program should have your name, due date, variable table, general explanation etc. The output of program should be well documented.
You should turn in both softcopy and hard copy of the programs.
Your soft copy of the programs will be submitted to Your hard copy of the programs should be stapled and turn in on the due date.