CSC4520 HW7: Minimum Spanning Tree solution




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Example Undirected Graph
Visual Adjacency List Adjacency Matrix
[[], [2], [1]] [
[0, 0, 0]
[0, 0, 1]
[0, 1, 0]
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Q1. Say we had |V|-1 edges picked from a connected, weighted, and undirected graph. Are we
guaranteed that these edges form a MST? Why or why not?
Q2. Programming problem(submit a .java file) On a 2D-plane shown as below,
some points with coordinates [xi, yi] are located. The cost of connecting two points [xi,
yi] and [xj, yj] is the manhattan distance between them: |xi – xj| + |yi – yj|,
where |val| denotes the absolute value of val.
Return the minimum cost and connected edges to make all points connected. You can use either Prim
or Kruskal algorithm. Suppose the number of points is no more than 100. You don’t need to further
improve the algorithm.
The coordinates can be Integer or Float (It doesn’t matter. Your code and test case can use Integer).
Example: Input Explanation: