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• Extending Binary Trees to make Binary Search Trees
• Practice with extending a class and overriding methods
Part I – Extending BinaryTree
In this lab you will implement the and that will extend the and respectively (as shown in the UML).
RECALL: A Binary Search Tree maintains the invariant that for every node 𝑛 in the tree, all node’s in 𝑛’s left
subtree have a key less than 𝑛’s, and all nodes in 𝑛’s right subtree have a key larger than 𝑛’s.
Download all the files provided to you in this lab to your Lab9 folder.
1. You will be implementing the necessary methods in that
2. Understand which methods ArrayBasedBinarySearchTree will inherit from the super class
3. Implement the required methods that you will override from the super class (insertion will be much
different as the insert must maintain the invariant of the Binary Search Tree). Implement two versions
of the insert function: an iterative version and then a recursive version
4. Look at the main method. Hand draw what the tree will look like after the calls to insert in the
main and write out the expected in-order, pre-order and post-order traversals.
5. Compile and run and compare the output with your expected results from Step 5.
6. Repeat steps 3-6 for
CHECKPOINT (Ungraded) – Now might be a good time to check-in with the TA if you are aren’t sure you
have completed the tasks as expected. Remember, please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are unclear
about anything.
Part II – Adding functionality
In this part of the lab you will be adding functionality to and
For each method description below do the following:
1. Implement and test the method in
2. Determine whether should inherit the implementation from or if it should override it. Ask yourself, will the algorithm be different
given the constraints of a Binary Search Tree
3. If you determined you should implement the method in,
implement two versions of that method: an iterative version and then a recursive version
* Method name: sum
* Purpose: computes the sum of all elements in this BinaryTree
* Parameters: none
* Returns: int – the sum
* Method name: find
* Purpose: determines whether val is in this BinaryTree
* Parameters: int val
* Returns: boolean – true if val is found, false otherwise
* Method name: getMax
* Purpose: gets and returns the largest value in this BinaryTree
* Parameters: none
* Throws: TreeEmptyException if called on an empty tree
* Returns: int – the largest value
* Method name: levelOrder
* Purpose: prints all values in this BinaryTree in a level order
* Parameters: none
* Returns: nothing
SUBMISSION (Graded) – Submit the and files into the Lab 9 page on ConneX.