CS6600 Assignment 1 : Cache Profiling solution


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In this assignment you will utilize Cachegrind simulator to collect various cache statistics
such as instruction references, L1 I-Cache misses, L1 D-Cache misses, L2 cache misses etc… for
different cache configurations such as associativity, block size, cache sizes etc…

1. Install Valgrind simulator: https://installati.one/ubuntu/20.04/valgrind/
2. Understand the Cachegrind simulator: https://valgrind.org/docs/manual/cg-manual.
html, the various configuration option it supports and the output it returns.

Explore the cache behaviour for different sorting algorithms:
1. Bubble sort
2. Selection sort
3. Merge sort
4. Quick sort
5. Radix sort

Consider an array of long int elements. The sorting code should take array size as commandline parameter. Create an array of following sizes: (i). 250 000 (ii). 500 000 (iii). 750 000
(iv). 1 000 000, initialized randomly. The code should sort the array in ascending order. Use
the Cachegrind simulator to collect various cache statistics for different cache configurations.
Also find the IPC of the program with the help of instruction count provided by Cachegrind.
Summarize and expand the results in a report and provide your observations.

Submission guidelines:
1. This is an individual assignment.
2. Submit only file: RollNumber A1.tar.gz file, containing the following:
(a) Your analysis report in RollNumber A1.pdf format. The report should contain your
analysis based on cache statistics collected across different cache configurations with
same/different programs. Also explain the method you used to find out the IPC of
the program.

(b) Folder: Sorting, which contains the relevant source codes and script files with all the
commands you executed for running Cachegrind, collecting the cache statistics and
3. All implementation should be in C language alone.
4. Please provide your system configuration and the function used to find the IPC in the

5. Please use two levels of Cache(L1 and LLC) in all your experiments.
6. For initializing the array with random numbers, use a constant seed input to srand(), so
that you are able to reproduce the same array input across different sorting algorithms.
7. Note: Use suitable values w.r.t cache configurations so that you are able to differentiate
the cache performance.