CS5343 Project #5 solution


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Work with the Disjoint Set data structure.


The Disjoint Set data structure will be used in the creation of a maze. The algorithm to do this is
discussed in the textbook in chapter 8.


Write a program to generate and display a maze using the algorithm described in the textbook. The program
may either be a command-line program that generates a character-based maze, or it may be a GUI program that
draws the maze in a window.

The user should be able to specify the number of rows and columns in the maze, at least up to 20×20.

You must use the DisjSet class from the textbook to implement the textbook’s algorithm. The DisjSet
class must be used as given in the textbook without making modifications to it.

Since this problem is one from the textbook, it is likely that there are solutions on the Internet for
it, however, you may not use solutions from the Internet in any way on this project. All work must be
your own.

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