CS2610: Computer Organization and Architecture Lab Assignment – 3 solution


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1 Problem – Ackermann’s Function

The two-argument Ackermann’s function A(m,n), where m ≥ 0 and n ≥ 0, is defined as
A(0, n) = n + 1
A(m + 1, 0) = A(m, 1)
A(m + 1, n + 1) = A(m, A(m + 1, n))

Write a recursive procedure to compute this function. Your main program should handle the
user interface to request m and n and display the final result.
1.1 Sample input and output

2 Submission Guidelines

• Write the code with proper comments wherever necessary and maintain proper indentation.
• Name the program with your roll no. Ex: If your roll no is CS20B001, your file name should
be CS20B151.asm. If there are multiple files, use CS20B151 1.asm, CS20B151 2.asm etc.

• Place all the required files in a folder and compress the folder using zip compression.
Name your folder in the following format. If your roll no is CS20B151, name it as
CS20B151 A$.zip, where ’$’ denotes the assignment number.