CS2310: Foundations of Computer System Design Lab Assignment 2 solution


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The test data details are indicated for each question
1. 2-bit 4-to-1 multiplexer: For each of the 4 sources, all the 4 combinations of 2-
bit data

2. 2-bit 4-to-1 priority multiplexer:

a) Only one request input to the priority encoder is active. For that device, all
the 4 combinations of 2-bit data.
b) At least 2 request inputs to the priority encoder are active. 4 different
combinations of the request inputs, and one combination of 2-bit data for
combination of request inputs.

3. 2-bit 1-to-8 demultiplexer: For each of the 8 destination devices, one
combination of 2-bit input data

4. 8-bit comparator:
a) 2 sets of input operands that are the same.
b) 2 sets of input operands that are different.

5. 8-bit parity generator and parity checker: 4 different combinations of 8-bit
data. For each combination, 2 cases of 1-bit error in a data bit or the parity bit,
and 1 case of no error either in data bits or parity bit.