CS 495 Video Game Programming Program 2 solution


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Create a directory called “PG2” at the top level of your CS495-01-15F folder. Put all the files pertaining to this assignment in PG2. Place a (possibly empty) file or folder called “DONE” in this folder when you have completed this project.
This will be the first phase of the Rubik’s Cube project. I’ve put a file called rubikab.zip into the sample code folder. It contains an executable version of Rubik’s Cube (in Windows, sorry).
This first phase of the project will consist of drawing the Rubik’s Cube with six pictures (not colors), one on each side and being able to rotate the cube with the keys, as described in README.txt . You will NOT have to rotate the individual sides (yet) in this assignment. Just be able to draw and rotate the entire cube.