CS 2413 Programming Project 7 solution


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1. [70 Points] Create all the methods and fields to implement the adjacency list based data structure for storing a graph. You will create a class GraphAdjList with fields and methods as follows (Note that you may have additional fields and methods as needed). a. Non-empty constructor that takes in the number nodes and edge of the graph b. ostream operator that prints the adjacency list c. destructor d. addEdge (int x, int y) – add an edge between vertex x and vertex y e. dfs (int x) where x is the staring node and its output is a parent array which represents the depth first search tree (if it returns a ParentMultiTree class object you get a bonus of 10%) f. bfs (int x) where x is the starting node and its output is a parent array which represents the breadth first search tree (bonus 15%) 2. [20 Points] Demonstrate the working of all the methods. 3. [10 Points] Document your project thoroughly as the examples in the textbook. This includes but not limited to header comments for all classes/methods, explanatory comments for each section of code, meaningful variable and method names, and consistent indentation. Project Description The input to your project will be as follows: The first line of input will be number of vertices n and number of edges m in the graph. This line of input will be followed by m lines of input. Each line of input will have two integers representing an edge. Class Structures
You are required to implement the following class structure along with the implementation of the methods associated with each of them. template