CS 201-01-13F Programming In C++ Program 1 solution


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Create a folder called “PG1” in the top level of your CS201-01-13F folder. Place all files pertaining to this assignment into that folder. Place a (possibly empty) file called “DONE” into this folder when you are ready to have your programs graded. The only files you need to turn in are the .cpp and the .h files.
The program should read in an unsigned binary integer of arbitrary length, perhaps 1000 digits long, perhaps longer. If the input is invalid, you should nag the user until s/he enters a valid binary integer. You should then print the decimal equivalent of that number.
For example:
Enter a binary number: 10111010110110101101010111110001001000101000101110 Binary: 10111010110110101101010111110001001000101000101110 Decimal: 821796219947566 Your program should be broken up into appropriate methods and commented adequately.