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Create a search application in iOS that allows the user to input the name of a sport and displays related images from a web service in a UICollectionView. The application should also allow the user to use touch-gestures to pan and select the image to display in a larger format on another screen/page. Use Objective-C as your programming language.

For this application, you can use any sports related API.

The following modifications and features should be included in this assignment:

Screen One:

· Create an input panel in the middle of the screen that will allow the user to input a latitude and longitude coordinate. You can search the Internet to find geocodes for any given address.

· Provide two execution buttons labeled ‘Service’ and ‘Map’.

· If the user clicks the Service button, take the input and build the appropriate NSURL to utilize the OpenUrl method found on the Shared Application API. Ensure that the device can open the URL and provide an error dialog if there is an issue.

· If the user clicks the ‘Map’ button, pass the coordinates to the next screen and navigate to screen two

Screen Two:

· Use MapKit to display a map that fills the view using the coordinates from screen one. Add an annotation which places a pin icon at the latitude and longitude point.

Compile all files into a .ZIP folder.