CPSC 410 Project 4 solved


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Motivation: Topics covered by this project;
 Threads, mutexes, condition variables
The best ideas often occur while your daydreaming, where you wandering mind connects
disparate bits of information in a way that produces something new and innovative. This is not
one of those.
You are to model a donut order fulfillment system. A waiter takes orders for donuts, while
bakers fill and box these orders (see below).

As an example, suppose the Waiter is pulling in order 1, for 10 donuts (see above). The process
will follow this outline
Please work 2 to a team. Please include a description of what each team member did as part of
your submission. Percentage responsibility for the final product is fine.
File_io (all is given to you)
This set of functions duplicates what you did in project 2. Note that it contains orders now.
You are given a file that has an unknown number of rows, and 2 columns of integers. Assume
there are no malformed rows (ie != 2 columns). It looks like the following (mine will be much
more elaborate).
This file can have any name, but I will call it testdata.txt for the purposes of this document. The
first column is order_number, second is number_donuts . File_IO provides functions to load
this data into a vector and sort it by order_number.
You are given both a header and cpp file. Please make this class threadsafe. Please remember that File
IO can also throw exceptions, plan your locking accordingly.
You are given a header file and a stripped .cpp file. Please fill in the cpp file. Please see header file for
function explanation.
Additional notes: Baker must not start processing orders until they are available. Do this by waiting for
a signal from condition variable cv_order_inQ (defined in 410_proj4.cpp and externed in externs.h).
Baker will also wait on b_WaiterIsFinished, when this happens no more orders are coming.
You are given a header file and a stripped .cpp file. Please fill in the cpp file. Please see header file for
function explanation
Additional notes: You must use condition variable cv_order_inQ (defined in 410_proj4.cpp and
externed in externs.h) to signal the baker that there are orders available in the order_in_Q or to signal
that there are no more orders available (b_WaiterIsFinished)
I have given you a stripped down implementation. Use this file to launch a thread for the waiter and
multiple bakers. There is a useful function audit_results() that should help you determine whether
orders were filled properly.
Other Information
Box.cpp and .h, used by baker when boxing donuts
Datastructs.h, holds ORDER info
PRINT.h contains helpful threadsafe print functions that you can use.
Externs.h contains external references to global variables, include wherever you need those global
(extern is a promise to the compiler. It states that an externed variable is not defined in this file,
but is in another. When all object files linked (remember compilation is preprocess->compile-
>link) the linker will find it. It’s the only way to work with globals that must be shared amongst
different compilation units without passing them as function references.)
Documentation and Testing
Make sure you comment each function and the program as a whole. I recommend you test
each module separately (which implies you write test code to verify its behavior).
Directory Structure
Please do not modify the project directory structure
To Turn In
waiter.cpp, baker.cpp and logger.cpp ONLY!
I will drop your waiter.cpp, baker.cpp and logger.cpp into the appropriate places in my project.
Therefore these are the only files that I need from you.
10% waiter.cpp, baker.cpp and logger.cpp files submitted as described in ‘ToTurn In’
10% logger.cpp works correctly
25% condition variables correctly used for signaling between baker and waiter
30% 1 waiter and 1 baker work correctly in separate threads
25% 1 waiter and multiple bakers work correctly
This assignment is complex and is weighted 2.5 times the weight of project 1
Other Hints
I will test with many bakers so use condition variable notify_all().