CPSC 327 Project 5 solved


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1. Building and linking to a Static Library lectures and projects
2. Pointers Memory lectures and projects
3. Classes, Objects lectures and projects
Sample Code:
See 2 starter projects on course website
Topics covered by this project;
 Creating and using a static library
 Using pointers to manipulate objects
 Using vectors to hold objects and pointers
 Class Heiarchies
 Abstract Base Classes
 Polymorphism
 Composition
Class Heiarchy
You are developing a class hierarchy for this project. An Abstract Base Class (ABC),
‘Smalltalk’ defines the hierarchy behavior. Most of your work in this class structure
will take place in Smalltalk.
Classes derived from Smalltalk must implement populatePhrases(). A function that
initializes the baseclass vector with phrases that are unique to that class type. For
instance, Smalltalk_American will populate its internal vector of strings with the
american phrases found in constants.h.
Additionally you are given a complete watch object. You may give or take a watch
from any instance of Smalltalk_American, ST_American_DonutEnthusiest or
Smalltalk_Brit. Note that watches cannot be created out of thin air, if you give one to
an instance you no longer have that watch, the instance does. See Smalltalk.h for
further guidance.
Please also provide a function (as specifies in Functions.h and outlined in
Functions.cpp) that generates a vector of unique pointers to objects derived from
smalltalk. Please pay attention to the hints I’ve left you in the implementation.
Please compile both projects using the C++11 language standard.
I would like you to fill in noted content in the following project structure.
Note the file ‘output’ under CONSOLE_OUTPUT_OF_SUCCESSFUL… It has a
listing of what a successful run should look like.
And create these 4 files
Fill in this file
All classes inherit publicly. The class hierarchy is as follows;
I have given you the header files and some of the implementation.
Please see the test application with the following name and file structure:
327_Proj_ST.cpp is a complete tester for the classes and functions you develop in the
lib. This application should link statically to the above library. The projects as they
appear in the eclipse workspace.
Only the following 5 files. Please do not zip them together, or embed them in a
directory structure. Just the 5 files.
For each concrete class remember to push as much common functionality as possible
into base classes! This cuts down on repetitive code in derived classes.
5% Submission instructions followed
25% getPeople populated correctly with unique pointers
25% populatePhrases implemented correctly
saySomething cycles correctly through available phrases
25% takeWatch, giveWatch, getTime correct
10% valgrind returns no errors
10% Code style (refactor repetitive code into functions, no magic numbers, no large
blocks of empty space, no large chunks of commented out code, pushing as much
functionality in base class as possible, appropriate comments, your name at the top of
each file, etc.)