CPSC 240-5 Midterm Programming Test solution


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Problem statement

Create a function in asm that reverses the value in an array of long integers.

Here is the calling structure.


Your job is to make the function in the red box.

More details


You should keep all the other functions (modules) in place.  When the reverse function has to exchange values in two cells then it should call the swap function.



Partial credit


There are opportunities here for partial credit.   Let’s suppose you don’t have time to make a Read_clock function.  Well, simply omit that function.


Suppose you don’t have time to make the swap function, well then, exchange tow values using any technique that works.


What if your data validation from the homework has bugs, well simply omit data validation.  Tell the user to only input correct integer data.



Make sure your name is in each file.



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