COP 3337 Assignment 1 solution


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Write an algorithm (pseudocode) and program to compute e. The
calculation of the important mathematical constant e will be done as the sum of
an infinite series:

e = ∑ 1/n!

See for details.

Output: Output will include your computed value for e, the math library constant
“expected value” for e and the number of iterations (loop executions) it took to
reach sixteen-decimal-place accuracy (2.7182818284590450). Make your output clean,
labeled, and easy to read for comparing results. No computational rounding is
allowed. Acceptable output would look something like:

Computed value of e : 2.7182818284590450
Expected value of e : 2.7182818284590450
Required iterations : 30

Note: # of iterations above is not correct.

Input: No user input.


Use only material covered in the first six chapters. Style
requirements as discussed in class expected. No graphics.

Efficiency should always be considered. Always choose the most appropriate
loop/decision structures and variable types. No computational rounding is allowed.
Use of appropriate constants expected – e.g. for expected value, desired delta.

You may NOT use the math library constant in your computation – directly or indirectly.
Use ONLY the “delta” (difference) of your running computation to determine
when to stop your loop. [Hint: consider when the difference between
subsequent computations ceases to “meaningfully” affect your computation.]

Submission: Your program must be able to compile and execute on FIU SCIS,
using the “java” compiler. Test it there before you submit!

Name your source code file: . Only one source code file.

Refer to the Moodle documents: “How to Develop a Simple Java Program” and “Style
Guide” for details on expected program format and documentation. Review both
documents carefully!

Algorithm (pseudocode) should be submitted in a separate text (or .pdf) file and
included with the Moodle posting and class submission. Refer to pages 18-22 in
the text for assistance with pseudocode requirements.

Print out a copy of your source code and pseudocode and submit in class – signed,
stapled and collated in the specified sequence: primary source code (w/main) file
(on top) and then the pseudocode text file. Submit in class NO LATER THAN the first
15 minutes of class.

Post a .zip file — with all source code (.java) and pseudocode files — on the Moodle
web site. Do NOT include any extraneous (IDE) files in the Moodle submission. Post
NO LATER THAN the start time of class – no exceptions!

Program documentation must include the required signed disclaimer (comment) in
the heading – no grade will be assigned to programs that omit the disclaimer or