COMP 8567 Advanced Systems Programming Assignment 3 solution


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Write a C program, call it miniBash, that goes into an Infinite loop waiting for user’s commands.
Once a command is entered, your program should execute each command, using fork(), exec(),
Note: your miniBash should also recognize special characters like & (for background execution)
and >, < (for redirection). Your program should execute any command that can be entered on
Important: you are NOT required to process any commands with piping in this assignment.
miniBash> ls -1 |grep abc
Examples of input
• miniBash> ps -e
• miniBash> cat sample.txt
• miniBash> ls -1 home/username/documents
• miniBash> ls -1>sample.txt
 miniBash> hello & //Read about the “&” symbol in Linux and running a process in the
You need to submit a single .c file onto blackboard and only if required will have to provide a
demo of the assignment