CIS 279 Project 6 Heaps solution


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Part I The Heap Class

Your text presents the array representation of a tree. This simple representation is often used if the tree being built is ‘complete’. One type of tree which is complete by definition is a heap. The algorithms for adding and removing data from a heap are presented in your textbook. You are to use these algorithms to complete the add and remove functions specified in the file Heap.h . You are ALSO to add a function print() to the template heap class, this function is to print out the stored data from the internal array. This function will help you debug your heap add and removals.

Part II The Application

You are to write an application which demonstrates the correctness of your heap class. This application is to alphabetize names for the user.

* Ask the user how many names they wish to alphabetize
* create a heap which can store strings
* Prompt for and read the names, adding each one to the heap
* Remove the names from the heap, printing them out. If you heap is working correctly, these names should appear in alphabetical order, starting with the end of the alphabet.

Submit the completed Heap.h file, exception class files and main application.