CAP 6415: Computer Vision Assignment 4 solution


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Ex 6.7: Target-based calibration

Use a three-dimensional target to calibrate your camera.

1. Construct a three-dimensional calibration pattern with known 3D locations. It is not easy
to get high accuracy unless you use a machine shop, but you can get close using heavy
plywood and printed patterns.

2. Find the corners, e.g, using a line finder and intersecting the lines.

3. Implement one of the iterative calibration and pose estimation algorithms described in
Tsai (1987); Bogart (1991); Gleicher and Witkin (1992) or the system described in
Section 6.2.2.

4. Take many pictures at different distances and orientations relative to the calibration target
and report on both your re-projection errors and accuracy. (To do the latter, you may
need to use simulated data.)