CMPT 470/816 Assignment 3: Working with Change Requests solution



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Perform the change requests as per the guidelines provided. There are several files
outlining all the details. The main project part is on the project source. In our case this is
JEdit. The project description can be found in file JEdit_Description.doc.
The change requests can be found in file ChangeRequestsPhase_JEdit.doc. As discussed in the
lecture, you need to do any THREE of the change requests. If you have been
experiencing difficulties in compiling/running the program, you will have to do FIVE of
the change requests. In this case, you report all those details expect the real
implementations. You can also see the sample answers for the WinMerge project in
Dropbox. There is also anther alternative for those who are not willing (or having
difficulties) to compile/run. They can do THREE change requests (just the reporting) and
they can contact me for further instructions for reading a paper and provide comments. If
you were able to run/compile and submit more than the required THREE change
requests, you get one full bonus mark for each of the additional ones. This bonus is
directly added to your final grade. So, this is a big deal for those who already finished
more than THREE. While you can still try doing more for bonus marks, it is however not
fully recommended. I would like you guys to wrap this up by this Friday. Please make all
those clear in the reporting (at the first page) so that the markers are aware of what
category you are in.
A standard format can be found in file Report_Format.doc. Use this format when
reporting your results. So, there are a total of three documents on this part.
Submission Guidelines: Submit a zip file containing your deliverables in Moodle under
Assignment 1. Make the folder name as your last names and the name of the assignment
such as This folder will have several
subfolders depending on your deliverables. Provide a ReadMe.txl file just under
LastName1LastName2Assignment3 folder.