Assignment 3 (Using Control Flow) solution


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Welcome to your first day at a company specializing in banking software.

You are tasked with creating a simple customer-facing interface. You will write a Python script that:

Ask the customer for their current bank balance.
One thing you DON’T have to worry about is whether or not the user enters a negative or positive amount. All accounts have overdraft protection.
Ask the customer if they wish to deposit (‘d’) or withdraw (‘w’) from that amount.
Ask them to enter the amount of money they are either depositing or withdrawing. This MUST be a positive numeric value – if it is negative, you should print an error message and nullify the transaction (do nothing with their balance, i.e. their final balance will be the same as starting).
Add or subtract that amount to/from their balance.
Because of overdraft protection, you don’t have to worry that the user is withdrawing too much money.
You MUST store the new balance in a variable named finalBalance – this is the variable that the test script will be checking. If the variable is not present, or if it has an incorrect value, your script will fail that test.

Before you write any code, start by asking yourself: how would I solve this problem mathematically? Work through a few examples on paper and note the way in which you solve the problem. Come up with an algorithm or flowchart, which you then need to turn into Python code.

Some example outputs of running a possible solution script can be seen in the images below.

Some suggestions why your program *looks* correct but is failing the Gradescope tests:
Are your variables named correctly? The tests check the value of a variable called finalBalance
Do you ask for the correct number of inputs? The test provides three inputs in THIS ORDER:
Initial balance – numeric
Transaction requested – string
Transaction amount – numeric
Do you convert the input values (if needed)?