CSCI 1133 Assignment 1 – Song Lyrics solution


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Write a program that prints out the lyrics to one or several verses of your favorite song.
Be sure to include at least one comment in the program and one escape sequence.
Design and Implementation
Make sure you can run the program on the machine you will use for your homework this
semester. That means you can compile (i.e. no syntax errors) and run the program. If
you’re having issues compiling, be sure to check the error messages produced by the
Formatting and Style
Remember the distinction between println() and print(). Use escape sequences
accordingly so your output is legible and not just one long string of text. Examples of
escape sequences below:
\n line break \t tab \” double quote \’ single quote \\ backslash
When writing code with especially long Strings (like lyrics to a song), try to break them
up at reasonable lengths. 80 characters is considered by many to be the “standard” line
length (you may have noticed that the default window size of terminal or cmd prompt
accommodates exactly 80 characters). While you’re not required to strictly adhere to 80
character lines, readability is an important factor for any program you write. For
example: ten lines of 80 characters is considerably easier to read than 1 line of 800
Please also refer to Google’s Java style guide for an authoritative guide about writing
properly formatted Java code.
Grading Rubric