CMPT 381 Assignment 0: Hello World in JavaFX and Android solution


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You will build ‘hello world’ GUIs in JavaFX and Android, in order to test your setup of the development
environments, and test the Moodle handin system.
This assignment is to be done individually; each student will hand in an assignment.
Build ‘hello world’ GUI systems as specified in the following tutorials:
 JavaFX:
 Android:
You don’t have to follow these tutorials exactly, but you should produce a system that does something similar.
It is fine to hand in the default project from the NetBeans and Android Studio IDEs.
What to hand in
 JavaFX: hand in a zip file of your NetBeans project folder.
 Android: hand in a zip file of your Android Studio project folder
 A readme.txt file that indicates exactly what the marker needs to do to run your code. (Note that your
systems for 381 should never require the marker to install external libraries or any new downloads).
Where to hand in
Hand in your three files (two zips and one readme.txt) to the link on the course Moodle.
Marks will be given for producing a system that meets the requirements above, and compiles and runs
without errors. Note that unlike future assignments, late assignments will be allowed up to the deadline of the
next assignment.