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A. Create a clustered column chart for the range A4:E9. position the chart to fit in the range A15:F34

B. Customize the chart style by Applying style 8 chart style, select color 6 in the Monochromatic section of the change colors gallery.

C. Change the fill color of the 2011 data series to white,background 1.

D. Enter “Passengers by Top U.S Airports” as the chart title.

E. Adjust the value axis by doing the following:

*Change the display units to Millions for the value axis.

*Edit the axis title to display MILLIONS OF PASSENGERS.

F. Display data labels above the column for the 2011 data series only.

G. Insert Line sparklines in the range F5:F9to illustrate the data in the range B5:E9. This should insert a sparkline to represent yearly data for each airport.

H. Customize the spar line by doing the following:

*Show the high and low points in each sparkline.

*Apply Dark red color to the low point marker in each sparkline.

I. Merge cells in the range A36:F41, wrap text and then apply “Top Align” and “Align Left”alignments.

J. Compose a paragraph that analyzes the trends depicted by the airport sparklines. Notice the overall trends in decreased and increased number of passengers and unusual activity for an airport.

Top 5 US Airports by Trafc CountTotal Passenger Count2008200920102011TrendsATLANTA GA (ATL)90,039,28088,032,08689,238,05992,389,023CHICAGO IL (ORD)69,353,87664,158,34366,733,60766,659,709LOS ANGELES CA (LAX)59,497,53956,520,84359,070,12761,862,052DALLAS/FORT WORTH TX (DFW)57,093,18756,030,45756,905,60057,744,554DENVER CO (DEN)51,245,33450,167,48551,985,03852,849,132Source:h±p://