1. Write a C++ program that declares an array alpha of 50 components….solved


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1. Write a C++ program that declares an array alpha of 50 components of type double. Initialize the array so that the first 25 components are equal to the square of the index variable, and the last 25 components are equal to three times the index variable. Output the array so that 10 elements per line are printed.


2. The history teacher at your school needs help in grading a True/False test. The students’ IDs and test answers are stored in a file. The first entry in the file contains answers to the test in the form:


Every other entry in the file is the student ID, followed by a blank, followed by the student’s responses. For example, the entry:


indicates that the student ID is ABC54301 and the answer to question 1 is True, the answer to question 2 is False, and so on. This student did not answer question 9. The exam has 20 questions, and the class has more than 150 students. Each correct answer is awarded two points, each wrong answer gets one point deducted, and no answer gets zero points. Write a program that processes the test data. The output should be the student’s ID, followed by the answers, followed by the test score, followed by the test grade. Assume the following grade scale: 90%−100%, A; 80%−89.99%, B; 70%−79.99%, C; 60%−69.99%, D; and 0%−59.99%, F.